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Using surveillance cameras on property

We're a property manager in Atlanta, Georgia. We want to put in general surveillance cameras around our properties. We're unsure as to whether we need to have residents sign an agreement to surveillance or if a simple notice is needed? Are there lease agreement "right to surveillance" clauses we should add to our lease agreement? Thank you, John

This can be tricky, can you wait until the tenants vacate to do so? If not are they pointing away from the property, they should be and they should not be pointing at doors or windows, this may be a violation of tenants right to privacy. Be careful what you do and where you place them.
I manage small  rental properties in PA, I have surveillance cameras on the property,  I purchased from Bunker Hill, Harbor Freight carries,  or you can purchase from website,  Surveillance kit has a hard drive, records 24/7,  has 4 cameras  Overwrites after 30 days,  can save video before 30 days if need to do so.  I have it connected to Large TV, can see  four screens at one time.  This particular  has many different features,  you can block out certain section of the screen that may  show , for example a porch, window, door.  I have surveillance across the front of the property,  rear garden access, access to porches, but not the porches,  parking area.  When I first installed the cameras, nasty neighbor called police,  police said I have every right to protect my property.   My cameras do not have sound, you can get cameras that record sound too. You may need to check to see if that is legal also.  It may be ok, but it might not be used in court without letting people know  that what they are saying is being recorded.  I don't know what I would do without them, they deter crime, I live on the premises and so I feel much safer with the cameras.  I have one directed  on my back porch and I can see if anyone comes to my door.  Contact you local police, they should be able to tell you if it is legal in your area.
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