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maximum number of persons

Hi,  I'm trying to rent an apartment in Collierville, TN.  My wife and I have 5 kids. I am told by the leasing office rep that in a 3 bedroom there can only be 6 persons, regardless of age. Well, there are 7 of us... My oldest is an infant and sleeps with us...  Is what they're telling me right? My sister who lived in TX for a while said there there was a similar "law," but that it applied only if persons were not blood-related.  I'd love your input on this.  Thank you, Brad
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There is indeed a maximum occupancy, and the landlord/property management does have the right to state the maximum number of occupant can be in one rental unit. As per state law, each state is different but it still allows for the landlord to limit the amount of occupants per household.
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