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My tenant called and said the water pipe that is extended outside the house wall that you hook water hose to was totally broken off and water was shooting out of it. I called a plumber and had it repaired for $780. The pipe was long and someone would have had to sit,step, or hit it to break it.  Of course she said it was like that when she came home. She has 3kids and a boyfriend who is always drunk and violent and was drunk when I arrived to look at the damage. who is liable for damages?

Without proof that the tenant did it, unfortunately you are. You must make sure that you protect your house and make it so that it is not easy for anyone to break. If it is a long extension, make it a short one. I always try to make everything in my rental units "idiot proof" to put it bluntly.  Also for all water I would install a shut off valve close to where leaks and damages can happen so that if something does occur it is as easy as a valve twist to turn off and preventing massive water damage.
Did you all ready return the deposit?  Have the repairs done send them a copy of the bills along with a demand letter.  Maybe they will just pay it.  If they don't pay it, then you can file in small claims court.
Don't return the full deposit. Do the repairs and then return the remaining amount this is the best thing you can do!  You can visit for any property related services
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