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I filed for an "Unlawful Detainer Summons"

I filed for an "Unlawful Detainer Summons," in the State of Virginia. My tenant have been with me for two months. We are now in the beginning of the third month. She was twenty nine days late for the first month and twenty eight days for the second month. I have followed the guidelines, of how to deal with and problem tenant such as this and it seems to be paying off. However there is a concern that this is a pattern, with an individual who is frequently dealing with financial crises. Since I filed for the Unlawful Detainer Summons, she has paid all her rent including late fees, interest and the Court filing fees. In a case like this, is the option of a "Writ to for Eviction" available to me? Is this no longer and option because she has brought her rent current, before the court date? What does one do with a case like this? She seem to be trying to do the right thing and I want to give her a chance, I would just like to cover myself with the Writ to Eviction... it gives me the option to evict if she is late at this extreme again, for up to twelve months from the date that I filed.
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Yes this seems like the thing to do as it would help prevent the tenant from paying late again!  This should be a notice that if they default one more time they will be evicted immediately.
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