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Traveling nurse, held property, she paid 1st month rent, now wont use it

I posted my rental house online and a traveling nurse contacted me asking to rent it (because its furnished) till Feb.   Got utilities turned on, cleaned really well, etc earlier this week.   They arrive yesterday and my fiance was there to meet them. They immediately start complaining the house is filthy and there is trash everywhere. Which is a out and out lie, there is not. A light bulb blew in the upstairs bathroom and there was no plunger in the downstairs bathroom. Claims the toilet wasnt working. It is i used it 2 days ago.   We offered to go purchase and bring to them the plunger, pack of light bulbs and whatever else they felt they would need and they refused.   The only legit issue is the pilot lights didnt get lit when the utilities got turned back on. The city guy was supposed to do that and he didnt. So we offered them to come to our house to shower, stay the night, whatever. Mike called his uncle got instructions on how to do it and they wouldnt have him come back over to get them on. So they stayed at a hotel last night which we have offered to reimburse them for.   I waived the deposit and the requirement to get utilities in their name for the 3 months.  This prevented them from paying a $650 deposit our utility company requires for all new services. I still paid $1022 personally to get the utilities on for her at this home (due to previous tenants not paying the bill).   She sent me $900 rent for tenancy from Oct 17 - Nov 17 and is now refusing to stay at the home. She accepted the contract before she even got here to Ohio, i have that in writing via email.   What if anything can go badly here for me. I feel she is in breach of contract. Suggestions? Advice?
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If they signed the contract they are bound to it. If they are that unhappy and you don't want to deal any more I would have them sign a mutual termination and find new tenants. If you want to keep them, I would be very vocal about the agreement that they signed and that they should thoroughly read through it and understand the terms.
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