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tenant gave notice and now has changed her mind

My tenant 3 weeks ago gave notice that she was leaving the property and to use her last months rent for November.  She has sent me an email today that the purchase of a home has fallen through and wants to renew her month to month lease.  When the lease was signed she was required to put a first, last and security.  When she told me she was purchasing a home she included in her email that I use her last month rent.  Can I re write the lease to include a first and last month rent?   She also stated that she wants me to remove my belongings from the basement of the property.  Do I have to do that if I own the property?
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If there was indeed a sale work with the tenant, you can require her to pay that month back so that she cannot skip out on the last month she is there when ever that may be.  As for your belongings, if they have been there all along and you have it noted in the lease that these are your and may remain in their specific place, she cannot require you to remove them. You would need to make a proper amendment to the lease to state these and have her resign a renewal notice so that it is agreed to on paper. You make the rules you are the landlord, do not let a tenant boss you around.
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