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Flood-Landlady responsible??

Hi there,  I have been trying to find something on this to figure out what to do about my situation. Here is the story...  I moved into a basement apartment connected to my x mother in law's home. She had moved in around June and I moved in around September. About a month into our living there, there was a flood. We had a fire escape/bedroom window and the foundation I guess was faulty so 6 feet of water filled up our apartment (600 sq ft) in less than 45 minutes. We lost everything.   My question is: Since it was my mother in law we did not sign any contracts, but we have paid rent, even after the flood we paid rent. The basement is still in shambles. We are staying in an extra room upstairs--so we have now lost all of our belongings and now our privacy. She is in the process of getting a FEMA loan and I asked her today when I was going to be reimbursed for all of our property, she did not give me a clear answer. It has been over a month of no progress. I'm now wanting to just move to phoenix (closer to work and home) and I want to know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to get my restitution for my destroyed property if neither of us made up or signed a lease....  Please, help!  Thank you so much  Brittney
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Always get things written down, a contract would help solidify who would be responsible. As a renter always get renters insurance. Some states actually require it which may leave you responsible for all losses of your own property and the Landlords or owner may not be at all. With any luck you can be covered by their home owners and will be able to claim your losses.
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