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limits of use of rental property  Oregon State

I would like to know if I have the right to limit the use of my property to only the tenants who are listed on my rental contract?  For example my tenant has two children listed  on her contract, when she leaves for work various other adult persons show up at the residence to use the laundry facilities ( I pay for water) and generally are there most of the day. Also , as landlord I have included yard maintenance to my end of the contract . I find it difficult to preform my end of the agreement when there are "guest sunbathers on the lawn"most of the time .
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Are these permanent guest or babysitters. You really cannot limit a babysitter or nanny if they are caring for children or the property, however you could make an addendum for the lease as to a schedule that you need to be able to do property maintenance or any other things that you want to notify the tenant of. If the guests are permanent guests draw up a guest addendum laying out straight forward how long they can remain in the unit and any extra charges for utility usage because of that guest.
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