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Notice to Pay or Quit - Partial deposit

Tenant in Okla. mailed the 1st month's rent & only a part of the deposit & moved in to our rental house in another city. The remainder of the deposit never came (as promised) and now no rent has been paid for the month of April.  No communication whatsoever, they won't answer or return calls, texts & I live 3 hrs away.  My question is should the unpaid part of the deposit be included on a 5 Day Pay or Quit in addition to the past due rent? If so, how should it be listed since it's not rent? Is it considered a part of the total amount past due? Thank you.
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Yes you need to send a demand for payment.  Also check in your lease to see how it is stated but you can evict them immediately for breaking the lease for non-payment. never exchange keys in the future without getting  your security deposit and first months rent.  If you do not start an eviction now they can and probably will live there indefinitely.
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