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Tenant with Warrant For Arrest

I have a couple (not married) both are on a 1 year lease. Last week the apartment house was surrounded by police looking for him. Evidently, there is a warrant for his arrest and he is on the run. My other tenants around this apartment indicate that they see him in and out. His mother evidently is hiding him.   They are now past due on rent, and a utility bill for the third time over the course of 6 months. I followed the step process of eviction the previous two times.  I worked out payment arrangements and they got up-to-date. Now I'm back again to non-payment (3rd time) plus this new Fellony warrant issue for the gentleman.   My question is: Do I have to follow the same 10 day notice to evict and then file with the magistrate or based on previous issues or this new warrant issue can I file immediately to evict. I AM IN PA, and just want them out. I'm tired of being Mr. Nice guy and this new issue creates unrest for my other tenants.
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You can file an immediate eviction based on a repeated offense as well as being a sought after criminal. You want to contact they sheriff and work with them also to see if they will require any thing at all from you . Good Luck with a criminal they tend to really get things all twisted up... or it may work in your favor and you can get them out quick!
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