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Pot plant found on leased property

I went over to my rental property for my usual 3 month inspection, during this time I saw a very nice pot plant sitting on the backyard picnic table. I had some words with the owner of this lovely plant, who was quit disrespectful towards me. I mentioned that this plant has been growing in the backyard for at least the past month, it was there last month, it was there 3 days ago and there it still sits. I told him this was against the law and I could call the police at this point in time and have him arrested, or I can remove him from the house or he needs to get rid of the plant. Now, I wonder whether or not I just should of called the police.  This person is not on the lease, he is the partner of the women to whom I rent. Since her 2 children where there at the time I did not want them to see their dad taken away in handcuffs. As a landlord in the state of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, any suggestions as whether or not I handled this the proper way and where should I go from here?  Now, I can not trust this person for if he was cultivating before, I'm sure he will cultivate again.   Can I as the land-lord be held accountable for illegal activities on my rental property? Thank-you.

Yes you could be, however the best approach may be may be to call the police. You may also do this anonymously and send an official notice of eviction for the non-tenant and a notice to quite or leave for the actual tenant on the lease. Let the tenant know that they can also be held accountable.
Thank-you for the information, Derrick D.   I have asked the person who was growing to leave the property, which has now caused issues with the leased tenant, for he is the father of her children and takes the oldest back & forth from school. The plant has been removed and I have informed her that any other violation occur she will be evicted .  Guess I will wait and see what happens next.  I was not expecting this and have never come across this before, took me off guard a bit. Now I'm trying to figure out a proper notice to sent my renter for this infraction.
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