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Tenant lied about already mailing past due rent now claims uninhabitable

Can tenant that is behind in rent every month now claim that the residence is uninhabitable? that's why they're 3 wks late paying rent (even though Ive called once/wk which is 3 times about this month's rent) & this is the first time I've heard anything about a sewer smell in the house?  How much notice & what kind of notice do I have to give to get them out? No written lease (never again) & tenant supposed to pay rent bi-weekly. Can I go ahead with a 5 day pay or quit or?
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If this is only a month to month which it sounds like it is you can evict with a 30 day notice. If they do not leave after that time you can do a 3 day notice. You will also want to demand payment for rent with a notice.
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