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tenant changed lease, deleted portions now trying to change terms

We are in Alaska and we just rented our house to a person in Michigan who, ten days into the lease decided she wanted a pet. Our lease clearly states no pets.  Or so we thought.  We just reviewed the lease which we requested be faxed back and which was instead emailed back and realized that the renter had deleted two pages out of the lease. The pages with all of the pertinent conditions regarding pets and obligations. We did not sign this copy of the lease and send back, but we did let them move in with a security deposit and two weeks rent.  What are our obligations to the renter since we did not sign the bogus altered lease? But we did accept a security deposit and allow them to move in.  We just want them out. ASAP>  Their rent is paid up until November 1st, as they only paid two weeks.  Help Karen in Kodiak Alaska
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Just send back the original lease back to the tenants and let them know they sent the lease back without two pages. Do you still have the original copy of the lease?
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