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Unmetered water bills legal?

My Apt complex keeps going up on the water bill every month and gives no reason for it. Plus my washing machine has been broken for several months now. There are no water meters on the premises and they are taking one bill and dividing it between all the residents. This does not seem right to me especially with no water meters. Is that legal in SC?
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The entire building must have individual meters for each unit if they are charging individual rates. If they are not there must be a concrete price included in the rent that does not change. If there is a unit that is leaking the owners of the building are required to fix it and the other residents of the build may not be charged. It is however up to the tenants to make sure that the landlord of the build knows that there is an issue. If you are a tenant I would look into speaking with the Landlord to find out why and then if needed talk to a lawyer to help straighten this out.
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