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tenant signed lease and never moved in

I have a signed lease and on move-in day the tenants mother decided she did not want her daughter living there.  I had held this unit for her for a month.  We agreed by phone that I would keep her deposit to cover the month I was holding it for her and that I would prorate rent until I got someone new lined up.  I found a new tenant within 12 days, now I can get the first tenant to call or respond so we can wrap up the mutual release.  Can I let the new tenant move in without a signed mutual release?  I don't want this to interfere with the next move-in date.  I'm in OH.
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Yes you can have the new tenant move in as long as you have the agreement about the pro-rated amount paid and security that covered the month. Make sure it is writing. and send emails and notices to alert them so that there is proof of, Basically, abandonment.  Once the new tenants move- in you would need to sign a lease and on the move-in day have the locks changed if the previous tenant has keys.
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