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illegal immigrant

Is landlord responsible to ensure his/her tenat is legaly living in USA.  Is illegal to rent out to illegal immigrant?

This really falls into what your personal Ideals are. However, there may be repercussions  if the tenant is deported and your rental unit is known for housing illegal immigrants. You want to be very careful and make sure you run your business as legally as possible.
Richard isn't correct in that it's up to your "personal ideals".  For instance, in the state of California it is ILLEGAL to ask any prospective tenant if they are a LEGAL US CITIZENS, therefore you cannot know if you are renting to illegal or legal immigrants. You MUST know your state specific laws (google...state landlord/tenant act).    Also, google Federal Housing Rules - and KNOW the rules about what you can and cannot ask people who LOOK like they may be "illegal".    There will NOT be repercussions if you rent to an "illegal who is deported" aside from having to find a new tenant so YES, you should run your business as LEGALLY as possible which in California (and other states) you CANNOT ask the status of a person's citizenship.....and if you DO ask prospective tenants to show their status (assuming it's legal in your state) you MUST ask everyone, not just those who "appear" a certain way....and have evidence of your practice proving that everyone is treated the same way to avoid a Federal discrimination charge.
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