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Tenant moving middle of the month

one of my tenants notified me that they will be moving in May around the 10th - 15th. Still unsure but they assumed I would only charge them for the days they were there. They will be mailing me a certified letter giving a 30 day notice. Their rent is due on the 1st of every month. So I believe if they need to stay from the 10th to possibly the 15th they should pay for the full month of May. They also want to get a another puppy and move it in before they move. Originally I told them I would consider it but their rent would go up by $25 and a deposit of $100 more would have to be paid. Then they notified me that because of husband's job they were transferring back to another state.  I feel like I am a push over. Can someone please tell me if - am I legally entitled to a full months rent?

Are they on a month to month lease? If not they are breaking the whole contract and you are entitled to the full term money or until you find a new tenant. If they are on a month- to -month then you are still entitled to the whole month or at least 30 days notice.  Let them know that this is the law and that you know what your rights are, stand strong and run this like a business. Plus if it is because of work they can negotiate moving costs on their end so that they are not screwing their landlord.
Yes they have a month to month so a 30 day notice is required. I received their notice via email but not dated. I still am unsure if a 30 day notice given on 3/15/15 for the month of May, although they are still unsure if they will be moving May 6th - May 15th is considered legal and binding. As a Landlord if I accept this am I legally obligated to prorate their rent for the month of May because I accepted it early?   I don't think so but would like a second opinion.
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