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How to choose the good tenant

I am a new landlord, fail to get good tenant end up evict them view month ago, lease via an agent that I paid the fee for a year in advance, now we are trying to do it our self w/ help of EZLanlordForm, and tenant already sign the lease, and ask to moved in almost 2 weeks, so I let them moved in last Saturday, but they don't pay the full amount of deposit and first month rent, they pay $500, on Oct /12, and ask to move on the17th of october, so I said ok, they start moving a little of their things, no furniture yet and promised to pay the rest of the money on Sunday the 18 th, but they did'nt,so the next day to day I come again to day and give me back the signed lease to me but only give me $1,300 and tell me to pay the rest on Wednesday the 21 st, because I need to put new dishwasher that day and also do some other thing in that house because I taught they are moving the end of the October, but they want to move on the 17 th, so I told them I still need to put the smoke alarm that been broke by the pref tenant and also I have the program the new remote for the garage door that will be done by my appliances guy on wed  the 21st, so she said ok Wed, and she will pay the rest of the rent money, but she just told me that she has to work Wed, and will pay me on Friday, but I don't agree, because I already make oppointment w/the appliances guy to install the dishwasher Wed, and she will be there she said.So finally she said ok, Wed  she will be there, I begin to suspicious because they both give me copy of big income pay check, but not give me the credit check so I desided to run the credit check to this company, can I give the company the SS number and driver licence? so they can check the credit and back ground check? or I need to ask their email address, I hope they don't lie tome because they seems nice and friendly that's why i trust them and choose them to be my tenant among the 10 applicant and let them moved in before they pay all the money.
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You need to screen properly..This website has a screening prosses..or you can do it yourself. either way you can get the right forms you need from this site..I do it myself one thing I'm big on is checking there Imployment history..I buy foreclosures in great areas..why because at the end of the day it starts and ends with the location..Somewhere in the middle the numbers do have to work so that's why I buy foreclosures..also I always put more downpayment each deal I do..This way the probability of getting into financial trouble and or finding a bad renter/owner is low right out of the gate..
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