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Tenant Breaking Lease in state of North Carolina

Our tenant just sent us a letter stating that they will be moving out on March 1st .  They also said that they fully expect their security deposit back.  The problem is that they signed a lease that goes until July 31st of this year.  They also have mentioned that our lease will not hold up in court.  I am wondering, if I used this site with North Carolina state specifics, how it will hold up in court?  (The tenant is angry that we took to long to replace a front door and molding around it).  We took about 1 month to have it completed.  This was not a security issue, it was cosmetic,
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First, I have houses in a number of states and every lease that I used from this site has been read over and approved by my attorney. I also have never had an issue when going to court for eviction. Which sadly I had to deal with but only once.  Please note I do not own a property in NC.   Second the tenant, if the lease is for a full year term is responsible for that entire term. Security should not be used to cover this rent, as it is stated in the lease. So you will have to take up a small claims to get the rent for those months. and use the security if needed. If you are really worried about the lease have an attorney look over the lease. Usually you can do this for a very inexpensive cost or free depending on the practice you find. Good luck and do not let the tenants intimidate you.
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