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Landlord No Longer Wants to Rent Unit

I have a 2 family dwelling, 1st & 2nd Floor, both are rented. I would like to live in the 1st floor unit, and no longer offer that space as rental. The end date of the current term of the lease for the 1st floor expires at the end of Jan 2016. Would I be permitted to move in before the end of the current term, or would I be required to end the lease for the existing tenant(s) as per the end date of the term, and is the notice 30 or 60 days to vacate.

Hello:       There are no restrictions or limits placed on the notice required to end a lease in Pennsylvania, other than what is specified within the lease agreement. However, a lease cannot be terminated for discriminatory or retaliatory purposes. Really read through your lease agreement. Term for a year or more requires 60 days notice, and a term less than a year requires 30 days notice. Good luck.
I have decided to sell my rental property in North Carolina. My tenant is 2 months into a 12 month lease. Per NC law is there a minimum amount of time that the tenant can live in the property before I give them 60 days notice that they need them to be out of the property because I am selling it?
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