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Deceased tenant, sone living in the home

Hello, I'm in Michigan.  My tenant (who was my deceased father's girlfriend of many years) died last weekend.  Her son who had moved into the house to care for her is still in the house.   I have learned he plans to stay there but is not on the current lease nor has he discussed this with me.  I am not interested in leasing to him.  I am anxious as I have concerns of my need to secure her property yet understand I cannot do anything that appears to constructively evict him.    Any feedback on how to proceed?
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You can evict him at the first sign of breaking the lease. Also he does have the right in most cases to follow through the rest of the lease. If you do not have a lease than this is a month to month you only need 30 days notice to have them move out. If they do not simply start the eviction.
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