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3 tenants, 1 not paying

I have 3 tenants in my rental property. A couple and their child and the guys sister. All signed the lease. The sister has decided to stop paying her portion of the rent, my understanding was it was to be split evenly between the 3 of them. They paid me the full amount last month but it was difficult for them and they wont be able to do it without her. She s basically squatting now. Ive told her that as long as she is in the home she is responsible for her portion of the rent and was met with outrage anda refusal to pay anything (she put that in writing btw) and a 'im going to an attorney' She has had the police called on her once already at the home and has told me she was leaving in 2 week and then that changed to 30 days.  The other tenants have been great!   Being a month to month lease i can change it to reflect a new payment structure and reflect the ohio roommate addendum correct?   Im going to lose good tenants over this/her. They already have a friend waiting to move in when she leaves.
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Yes that is a wonderful plan. It is awesome that they are on a month to month, which will make it easier to change things. Then when you draw up a new lease remove that tenant and if the other tenants agree to a roommate, add the roommate addendum. Make sure to spell out in the lease who is responsible for what so that if this occurs again you will have sufficient documentation to get that tenant out easier. I wish ya luck, its a tough job!
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