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no written agreement

I have living in my rental since 12/2015 and have not yet been provided a rental/ lease agreement.  The land belonged to her mother who was deceased at the time I moved in. I have recently found out that the deceased woman's husband was is still living but was deported back to Mexico. Is it ;legal for her to rent out this property. Also we are over run with multiple insects, water bugs spiders ect We have even waken up in the night with them crawling on us . She has been informed about this her response was that the people that lived here before had the same problems.  I asked her if she would pay for an exterminator or take it off the rent and she said no it was my responsibility as is taking care of the landscaping I was told by her to look for some one to take care of the property on a monthly basis when I first moved in. Neither me or my husband are not physically able to do the yard work. Also the water is on one line for both houses the woman that whose name was on the acct. is having it taken out of her name there for the water will be shut off in one week who is responsible to take over the acct. Please let me know what my rights are . Thank you in advance for you help. Jan.. from New Mexico
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