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paid deposit, move some furniture in, changed mind

had couple look at unit and liked unit in alabama. she filled out application and i approved application. they wanted to move in the first of month but they never came back and paid deposit. radio silence from them. then on the 9th of the month they got back in touch and said had to leave town unexpectedly and did i have unit still avail. i decided to let them rent then told her they needed to pay deposit and he needed to fill out an application and they needed to have utilities transferred to their name. all was a go, came in on 12th and paid deposit, gave application to him but he did not fill out but they moved some bedroom furniture & a desk in but no application for him. application clearly states all tenants 19 and older must fill out a rental application. then they tried to bum rush me into leaving the lease and keys in the unit and they would drop rent off. again explained i needed his app and the utilities transferred before i would accept rent. then he called me and stated i did not ask for app from him first time and i explained that they did not get back in touch with me. he did not want to fill out the app nor give me any info on himself and stated that it was too much trouble to move into my place and they would come get deposit and furniture. i explained that they might not get full deposit back because i had turned down other renters, taken my unit off the market and they were using my home as a storage unit. he started threatening me and i informed him that SHE was the one who filled out the app and SHE was the one who i had written the deposit receipt to and that SHE was who i actually needed to be talking to. he has stated he will sue me for the deposit even if it costs more than the deposit just to prove his point. so, what are the rules/laws regarding this situation in alabama.....i had planned on giving them a prorated version of their deposit back minus the storage fees but how do i figure in my lost time advertising and the tenents i turned down & can i do this........
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Ok this seems fishy to start with, by practice I always make sure everything is covered before they have keys to even enter the apartment. First you need to not only take an application from them but do a full background check for credit and criminal report, follow up with past landlords and current employers. Once you take these steps let them know what the security and what you will collect with the first month and possible last month will be. Have all parties names on the lease and sign. Once this takes place and money is exchanged, this is the only time that you give them keys and the right to enter the apartment.  I would give the full amount back in exchange for the keys and their signature agreeing that they will leave the property. Take the loss but save your self the headache. If they made damages after all is through and done have record of this and proof and take them to small claims court.
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