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Water Cut Off

My tenants have not paid their water bill. the services have been disconnected.  It is in violation of the lease. They promised to have it back on in days. Am I required to report them to anyone?  I am absolutely outraged and upset that they are living this way. My unit has never been without power or water/sewage services until now. What can I do in VA.

Evict them. Start the process, speak to the utility company and get everything you will need to prove a breach of lease. This can harm your property especially in colder months not to mention you may be liable if it is against state law to shut off utilities.
I don't agree that you need to take aggressive action with a tenant simple because they had their water shut off.  If it was HEAT - yes, that CAN affect your pipes in the winter but having water shut off really cannot harm your property (as posted by Susan above).  Also, if you lease specifies that the tenants are to pay for this utility you will NOT be held liable as you did not SHUT OFF the utilities, the water company shut off for non-payment (again, I am scratching my head as to why Susan P would write this)?   Yes, it's a lease violation BUT obviously your tenants had a problem paying the bill and have told you they will have it back on in a short period of time.    It's crazy to attempt to EVICT someone for this problem (again, wondering if Susan has actually taken anyone to "eviction" court.  By the time you give them notice that you intend to evict (5-20 days depending on your state) the problem will most likely be solved.  If that's the case, and you continue to them go to court and pay the $$$$ to get an eviction hearing, most judges will NOT order the eviction and question why you "wasted" the courts time on something that has been resolved.   ALSO - why are you OUTRAGED - unless this is a consistantly occuring problem try to understand that things like this happen.  Maybe your tenant is out of work?????  Maybe they had an unexpected medical bill.  I run my properties like any business - but I treat my tenants like I would a customer (as my tenants are in a way a "customer").  Your tenants will appreciate your understanding and AGAIN, if they DO fix the problem in a short period of time, PROBLEM SOLVED.    PS) WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU REPORT THEM TO?  The Agency for Bad Tenants?  Seriously???  Marcia, be a good landlord and have a little understanding and it might go a long way for you.  Again, your job is to WORK with your tenants, NOT make life miserable for them.
Outraged was overly dramatic on my part. You are right, a little more compassion, although much grace has been extended throughout the leasing period. We have worked through it. Thanks for your advice.
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