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how to get a person that has never had permission to reside in residence out

A friend of mine in CA owns a property in HI, there is a lady that has appear toy moved herself into his house and taken it upon herself to even rent the bottom house out. He never said she could do any of this. Wants her to leave or be removed from the premises. When he contacted local police they told him he would have to appear in person there to be able to do anything about the situation. He is unable to as he resides in CA. He would like to send me down ax his representative instead. Can he hire me as a property manager to get that done??? Is it possible for me to appear in person as such a representative. And if not through that way is there any other option for him in sending me to in his place. He is at a lose on where to start. He holds the mortgage to this home and never even in any verbal arrangement agreed for her to reside in his residence let alone rent out the bottom property and earn herself a nice free income so to speak. Hoping you van help or point us in correct direction on where to get much needed help. Thank u in advance for your reply and any info you might be able to provide us with.
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Yes you will be able to appear as property manager. HE should also send a notice to vacate or an eviction notice. Squatters are so ANNOYING!!
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