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lease renewal in state of illinois

hello all...wondering if in the state of illinois a landlord can add a new rent amount to the one page EZ landlords lease renewal doc.  or does a new lease have to be drawn-up?   looking to make this easy but also want to follow the law.
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Landlords may schedule a rent increase for a week-to-week tenancy by serving a 7 days notice or month to month tenancy by serving a 30 days notice. It is not permitted to raise the rent during a fixed-term lease. For instance, the landlord is prohibited from raising the rent prior to the end of a lease, if the lease has a beginning date and an ending date. A landlord can raise the rent as much as he/she feels is necessary. To see if your city or county has a rent control ordinance, you should contact your local units of government. I love this website!!
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