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Early Termination Fee Addendum (Iowa)

Hello,  I had to break my lease early and my landlord is requiring me to pay an early termination fee of $1600.  *I have proof regarding all matters discussed*  I moved out Oct 31st 2016 and I gave 30 days notice per the lease agreement. The new tenant moved in Nov 2nd of 2016. My landlord retained my security deposit as well as my pet deposit even though the pet was out of my home in July totaling $675.   She claims that the money is strictly a fee but on the addendum it states that it is equal to 2 months worth of rent. Plus the landlord has not lost any money.   Is it legal for the landlord to charge me a "just because" fee?
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I believe the tenant is responsible for rent until the lease ends or the landlord finds a new tenant. Whichever comes first. The landlord is responsible to be screening and searching for new tenants. The early termination can be an agreement that can better the tenant by just paying one fee to get out of the lease, rather than paying months of rent. if the early termination is signed by both parties you will need to pay that amount.
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