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Damage caused by pet

Hi - my tenants cat brought in a chipmunk (they verbally admitted to this) and a small rodent has chewed up my dishwasher . Can I take money out of the security deposit to pay for the new dishwasher? What about installation? And the wood floor repair necessary due to leaking dishwasher?  Also - they left a large red stain in the bedroom that I cannot remove. Can I hold them responsible for replacing all of the carpet ?
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This sounds awful, however the tenants are responsible for the condition of the entire unit while in the house, if it is not normal wear and tear, which this all definitely seems like it is not, then yes you can use all of the security to repair your home and carpets. One note: take all pictures, do a walkthrough checklist and get free quotes from contractors to help your case and get an idea of how much it will be. If it more than the security then you can even start a small claims against the tenant.
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