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California - Construction in Rental - Do I Temp Relocate>

I am having old pipe replaced in my rental home.  I am choosing not to temp relocate tenants.  They are concerned they will be without hot water for 2 days.  They will have running water in the bathroom sink and toilet. They are also complaining about the time of year.   I have kept the rent low.  They are good tenants and have lived there 6 years.   There are no leaks to speak of, just want to prevent pipes bursting and need to have repairs done. Do I have to give them some sort of rent break for the inconvenience?  Do I need to temp relocate them during construction?  If I raise rent now is it retaliation?

I would either give them a break on rent, or temporary relocation. It is a courtesy thing.
You are safer relocating them for the duration of repairs to protect yourself from future litigation related to construction dangers. i.e.. injuries do to debris, dust, possible asbestos, mold claims.
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