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Longt term tenant

We have a tenant who has been renting our condo in CA for 7 years.  The place was newly renovated when it was rented, with all new appliances.  When we went to renew the lease this time, we got a letter from the tenant's attorney listing items that needed to be repaired before he would renew (items which we have never heard about before).  Upon inspection of the property, its pretty trashed. Carpet torn up, faucets duct taped together, wood flooring warped and peeling, garage door dented and in-operable....and there is a dog there that we did not permit in the lease.  We would like to terminate the lease, renovate, and find new renters.  We already supplied him with a new lease that he has not signed yet.  If we give him the proper amount of notice, is this legal, and do we need to give him cause?  We suspect he will try to apply his security deposit to last months rent (which is also not permitted in the lease) and we will never see another cent from him, but we are just trying to cut our losses at this point.  Thanks.
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Yes especially because they are definitely violating the lease. I would get this tenant out and you might have to involve a lawyer which really stinks but the loss will be lessened if you get them out now. Good luck!!! Tough Job to find good tenants, but when you find good ones keep them as long as you can!
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