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Bedroom requirements for NJ

Looking to convert a home office into a bedroom in nj. What are the requirements besides a window. Do I need a closet? Do I need a heat source? Do I need a light switch near the door?  The den next to the office has a heat source and it flowed into the home office which before had a 40" opening, but now there will be a door, thus kind of eliminating the heat source unless the door is left open.
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From everything that I have heard it needs to have a window and a closet to be considered a bedroom. As for heat I am not sure but I would assume as long as there is a heat source or airflow that would suffice. Also consider that definitions vary from real estate appraisers and rental law. You may want to check locally at city hall or somewhere with your city codes or L&I. I hope this helps and wish you luck.
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