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Tenant not out by the first

Tenant on month to month agreement after lease. I gave six weeks notice to move out mid July. They tried to hurry and get out before rent came due on Aug/1. They did not give any kind of notice not even phone call they would be out by the first. They claimed to have sent a text as notification that I never saw and don't believe was ever sent not that I believe that would be legal notification anyway. They sent a text that I did receive on the first at 1630 in the evening stating they were at the house ready for walk thru and to turn over the keys. I did run over to the house and told them I don't have time for walk thru on no notice as I was busy at the time. I told them thank you for the keys and be the way the Aug rent is now due in full $700.00. Am I correct that they are indeed on the hook for the months rent being they did not give vacate notice until after the rent was due on the first. they also had items at property at the time but claimed to be moved out I believe they owe for the whole month. Any advise would be appreciated. I am new to renting and learning the ropes Thank You
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Yes they are still required to pay. I would definitely contact an attorney.
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