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Failure to pay utility bill in landlords name in Arizona

Hi,  I have a tenant who took her time changing the electric bill to their name.  The lease specifies that they are responsible for paying utilities.  She owed $143 for a month and a half that it was in my name and she only changed it over when I ordered the utility shut off within two days.  Can I add that bill to the rent and consider it that she hasn't paid the rent in full if she refuses to pay the electric bill in full?  Could I give her a pay in full (rent and past due electric bill) or give her a five day notice to vacate?  Or is this considered a separate issue and I will have to go into some type of collections process?  Any help is appreciated,  Tony
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Yes you can start an eviction if you want for the non-payment of utility as well as not switching over if this is stated in the lease. The tenant would have breached the lease, usually with cases like these an official notice to pay or demand for payment will work and help them pay.
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