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Connecticut Law on Late Fee

Hi, I have a tenant who sent her rent certified mail on the 8th of the month and I did not receive by the 10th (I was at work when post office attempted to deliver) as the law requires tenants a 9 day grace period after the 1st. I'm I entitled to collect a late fee? It's now the 17th of the month and I still have not received it.  Now I have to pick it up at the post office. This is a major inconvenience (I not willing to do that), can I change the lease agreement to no longer accept rent through certified mail moving forward?  Thanks.
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No you are not entitled to a late fee. The tenant did send it, certified even. So you do have the rent, the tenant cannot help that you could not receive it.  By law the tenant did send it within their grace period. I hope that this helps. Also keep in mind even if it was not certified you need to go by the post mark date.
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