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Required Renters Insurance

Can I require a tenant to carry renters insurance in California?

Were you able to find anything on this?  I believe we can require the insurance, although if it wasn't initially in their leases, and they are month to month, how can I enforce if they failed to provide after 60 notice?  A 3 day to perform or quit?  I assume I can raise their rent to cover the cost.
Having tenants obtain renters' insurance is becoming common place in CA. Just make sure landlord names are included as "Additionally Insured" and it states so on the policy. You should receive a copy stating so. You should also be notified if tenant cancels/renews policy.
A typical renters insurance policy includes liability coverage, protection for your belongings and coverage for additional living expenses, should the home you're renting become temporarily uninhabitable. While you may not always be able to prevent certain situations, such as a break-in or visitor's injury, renters insurance, sometimes referred to as tenant insurance, may help minimize the impact, whether you are renting a single-family home or an apartment. You can also clear all your doubts, go thought Internet, or take a look at some recommended site,, about renters insurance and related information.
I think renters insurance should always be required as well! It really does seem to be more common in CA now. I like that it prevents any gaps in coverage and gives us some peace of mind in case anything happens. We actually found an amazing solution to help make this transition easier. There's a website that's similar to the Expedia for insurance. I think it's only available in CA so far, but it's definitely worth checking out.
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