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NYC Subletting Rights of Tenant

Hello. I am a NYC landlord, and was recently reviewing the Rent Guidelines Board rules on tenant subletting.  According to them,   "Under the law a landlord cannot unreasonably withhold the right to sublet. However, the landlord can refuse to sublet with good reason. For instance, if the proposed tenant has a poor credit history, is unemployed, etc. the landlord could refuse to sublet."  We live in the same building, within close quarters of our tenant, with young girls.  It's concerning to think that our tenant could sublet to someone who looked "reasonable" on paper, but who we felt uncomfortable with from a personality/vibe perspective.  What if the person presented felt threatening in some way, to us and our girls?  Or what if we just got a bad vibe?  Would we be within our legal rights to deny that sublet request?  Would a judge look beyond their suitability on paper, and broaden the definition of "good reason" to include "A feeling of discomfort"?  Thank you!
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All I can say is do the very best tenant screening as you possibly can. As for vibes, keep open communications treat them as any other person, create a good relationship. Once you carry out a good tenant screening if anything is a red flag simply do not accept that tenant. Good luck and let your tenant screening be as thorough as possible.
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