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Renters vacated mid lease, now we want to sell

Our renters decided they were moving out after 5 months into a 2 year lease. I told them they had to pay until we found new renters or I would take legal action to get my payment. However, after a month of unsuccessful advertising we have now decided to sell. I imagine they are going to be angry and decide not to pay, knowing that it will take longer to sell versus rent. Is there anything preventing me from taking legal action to get our payment because we're deciding to sell? They are the ones who broke their lease. I was hoping to convince them to pay by saying that 5 months (or however long it takes to sell) of paying is better than ending up paying the full 2 years once we sue.
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I would contact an attorney in your area to be sure that this is okay. Most laws state that they are required to pay for the full term or however long it takes the landlord to find new tenants.  Selling takes a longer amount of time.  It even states that the landlord is required to be searching and screening for new tenants. The landlord can loose a lawsuit if they are not searching for the new tenants. I am not sure about selling though so definitely contact a lawyer.
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