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lead disclosures

We are renting a house built in the mid-1940's in Seattle, WA.  Being new to renting I wasn't aware of some of the disclosure requirement's by property owners.   We were not given and notice of possible lead paint.  Also, after we move in saw that the house still has the old galvanized, lead lined water lines.  There have been many plumbing issues since we have lived here some of  which have been caused by malfunctions of water faucets due to metal chips clogging.  We have convinced the owners to replace the plumbing.  I wondering what the owners responsibility was to us to disclose all of this when we first rented.
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If you are still there you would want to have everything taken care of asap however if you have already moved out then most likely nothing can be done. As a tenant you would want to know what is required for both tenant and landlord.  I believe in communication, and if there is enough by both parties then you should be able to live comfortably and chances are even with old line you are not harmed.
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