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Minnesota law protecting domestic violence victims

Hello, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend tenant situation where the boyfriend is accused/charged with a domestic violence incident. Minnesota has a law that protects DV victims where they can provide written concern to the landlord and basically get out of the lease.  The statue says it "terminates the lease" and doesn't give back security deposit either.  .... my tenants prepaid 6 months of rent which only applies to the last 6 month this of the lease terms. If my tenants lease is terminated, do I have to give back that money?   The statue: (b) In a tenancy with multiple tenants, one of whom is terminating the lease under subdivision 1, any lease governing all tenants is terminated at the latter of the end of the month or the end of the rent interval in which one tenant terminates the lease under subdivision 1. All tenants are responsible for the rent payment for the full month in which the tenancy terminates. Upon termination, all tenants forfeit all claims for the return of the security deposit under section 504B.178 and are relieved of any other contractual obligation for payment of rent or any other charges for the remaining term of the lease, except as provided in this section. Any tenant whose tenancy was terminated under this paragraph may reapply to enter into a new lease with the landlord.
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Your best bet is to get legal advise.
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