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Do Seattle Landlord Tenant Laws Also Apply to other cities - Redmond?

Hello,  I would really love some  help and advice. I am wanting to find it if the Seattle Landlord Tenant Laws also apply to Washington State - specially Redmond WA. There are two laws I am specially interested in that I do not see in Washington State RCWs.  1) Summary of Landlord and Tenant Rights A landlord must distribute a summary of state landlord tenant law and City of Seattle rental housing codes describing the rights, obligations, and remedies of landlords and tenants under these laws. If a landlord fails to distribute the summary in accordance with these requirements, a tenant may terminate the rental agreement by written notice.   2) A tenant who leaves before a lease expires is responsible for paying the rent for the rest of the lease term. However, the landlord must make an effort to rerent the unit at a reasonable price. If this is not done, the tenant may not be liable for rent beyond a reasonable period of time.  I needed to break my lease early due to personal circumstances. My landlord has not taken active good faith measure to re-rent the property. Also, he has has listed the property for a price considered to high by comparables and the rent he charged me. In addition, I never received the "Summary of Tenant and Landlord Laws". I want to find out if this is also a way to terminate the lease. He failed to make repairs back in May of 2017 as well.   Thank you in advance. Any information or feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Angie
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