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Tenant refuse to transfer water in her name

I have a tenant that was suppose to transfer the water in her name per the lease agreement.  She was having problems coming up with the deposit for getting the water in her name.  I told her verbally that as long as she pays the bill that I would keep it in my name.  She has stopped paying the rent and water bill, so, now I am paying to keep the water on because it is in my name.  Can I legally have the water shut off because she is not paying the bill.

If your responsible for the utilities in the lease, you will want to continue to pay but i would start sending the proper notice on the rent and utilities and possibly evict.
Always check your State's Laws... but usually one cannot turn off anything that would bring possible harm/hardship to the tenant.  Some States, if you have a separate water heater, may allow to turn off the "hot" water and only allow cold.  That's a good "waker upper" in the morning!
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