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Tenants problems 12 unauthorized dogs and late rent

I recently rented a single family 3/1 in Miami dade county for occupancy on August 1rst 2017, I could not deliver the premises on that date due to unexpected repairs not disclosed by previous tenants so it took me 11 days to fix. I paid to the new tenants 11 days of hotel, food and moving expenses in excess of $2,000 so they moved in on 8/11/2017. Now the new tenants want to pay the rent on the 11th and not the first . I thought that because they accept the hotel and food and moving expenses paid by me the occupancy should be on the 1rst, is this legal to do? she paid a partial payment of the rent via direct deposit and said she will pay me the difference of $850.00 in 5 days and I approved the partial payment because of Hurricane Irma. (she has a disable child and did not have water or electricity) so I allowed her. Furthermore, I went to inspect the property to see damages of the yard and found out she has 12 american bulldogs/pitbulls in the yard when contract only allow one dog (according to what she told me it was a service dog) so I allow it . I need to send her a notification that she is in violation to the contract due to the dogs. Can some one tell me any suggestions, I think she is taking advantage of me after I was nice paying for a family of 5 hotels etc Thank you for your help.
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If she signed the lease for rent to be paid on the 1st, its the 1st.......A lawyer may be best for the dog problem. Consider having lawyer prepare the Notice to correct or move....... Be prepared to have her served with an eviction notice.
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