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Tenants want early-out from their  FLORIDA  lease

My tenants are asking for an early release from their lease.  They have not given a qualified reason for leaving other than a "possible" job offer. Can I charge a break lease fee equivalent to 3 months tent? They have 9 months left on their lease. My co-landlord wants to do nothing and hold them liable for the remainder of their lease. I would like to do what's fair but also not put myself in a situation where I struggle to find another tenant. Please help!!!
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More than likely your co-landlord is incorrect and can't just leave the property vacant for the remainder of the lease and expect tenant to continue to pay rent....... Unless your lease stipulates a penalty for breaking the lease, you probably can't do much other than charge them for actual rent until you are able to find new tenants......Check your state/local tenant laws breaking lease......Leases are broken all the time. You can't make tenants stay if they want or have to move. Don't get upset. Work with tenant to help you find new tenants by them allowing you to show unit with short notice and keeping the place presentable or they may know someone that might be interested..... Keep us updated.
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