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A building I have a tenant in just installed a FOB keyless entry  system. They have informed me that I'm responsible for anyone that has one. She wants one for her boyfriend and house cleaner. How do I protect myself if they fall into the wrong hands or one of her guest or housecleaner do something wrong?  Thanks,  Bob

Who owns the building & who is "They"
I second Stan M., question from CA. Who owns the building?  another important question is whether or not the lease/contract states that the tenant has to get written permission to install something in the property with/without landlord/owners permission. If they installed something with out the owners written permission AND it says that in the contract/lease, then NO, You (assumint you are the owner) are not responsible for anything. Actually, they are violating the terms and you can have them uninstall it, or (assuming they are not in a rent controlled area like the city of L.A, CA) can start eviction for breach of contract.  BUT check with your state/local laws.   L.J.Uribe
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