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Notice needed for mutual agreements for term change

I recently approached my tenant to try to help them with heating costs. They were paying for heat which was very expensive so I approached them with an option. I proposed a rent increase of just a 125.00 (Compared to them spending almost 600 every month and a half) and I would take over heat and hot water. This was only an option for them. When proposed I asked if they wanted a couple days to think about it but they did and wanted to sign right away. The new terms that they signed for was to start only 5 days away. After the date passed they said that they no longer agree to the terms. Did I need to legally give them a 30 day notice since it was initially a mutual agreement? They want something different than their original agreement and the newly proposed. Can I just tell them that it was an offer and if they no longer like the term that we only have one other option and that is to revert back to the original?
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Yes I would just revert back to the original and have everything signed.
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