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Tenants responsibility for damages

Due to the tenants negligence-if he or she breaks a window, punch in walls, break mirrors...etc. I think they should be responsible for repairs. Can I put this into our Lease. If so, how do you write this into a Lease. Thanks

If you use a lease from ezlanlords it's already there. It says they are responsible for anything other than normal wear and tear!
Also put in a clause about your states penal code for property damages .  You don’t have to wait around to sue or fight over security deposit you cAn the police and if charge are brought. It’s worse then losing a security deposit or having to pay more, or going to court in a civil suit. Its a criminal case .
Hi Celeste T. I don't understand what you mean about the police and the deposit. Can you explain. Still learning Thanks so much Donna A
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