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Moving at the end of a lease period

If a tenant has a one year lease (Dec 1, 20XX to Dec 1, 20XX) and notifies the landlord that they do not intend to renew, is the tenant obligated to pay December's rent?

Not if the lease ends on Dec 1.
The date range is odd for a lease agreement. The lease should have been written from Dec 1st, 20XX through Nov 30th, 20XX. If the end date is Dec 1st, then no, he or she does not and should not have to pay December rent. Rent is paid in advance so by paying rent on Dec 1st simply means that the tenant has the right to stay through Dec 31st. If I were you, I would just give Dec 1st as free rent to the tenant to avoid a dispute, and then write your lease accordingly in the future.
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