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An unlawful detainer for non payment of rent was served on me today, the Master Tenant hasn't paid my lawyer fees?

The Master Tenant (MT) filed for a nuisance UD, I prevailed, and my lawyer filed a request for a memorandum of costs, which the judge approved on June 2nd. He has refused to pay me so for June, July and a partial portion of August I used the judges award of lawyer fees from the nuisance UD in which I prevailed. It's now October and the master tenant served me today with a Summons and Complaint stating I owed him a ridiculous sum of money. How do I respond to this summons, I realize I need to answer in the next 5 days but want to know the best course of action.  I live in a Rent Controlled Apartment in Southern California.
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You're looking for legal advise. Discuss this with your attorney.
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