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I want to rent an apt and my wife does not have a visa yet

My wife and I want to rent an apt.,the apt complex says they will not rent to us until my wife has a permanent visa. She came here on a k-1 visa (fiancée visa) almost one year ago and the k-1 is only good for 90 days. we got married in Feb. and have been doing all the paperwork step by step. She now has her SS card and work authorization card, but the visa is still being processed. I gave them all the ( up to date) proof that it is still in process, but they still say no. I am a U.S. born citizen, we are legally married and have all the paperwork to prove it. We were very careful to do this correctly, we even have a DOJ Approved Rep. to review and file all the forms and paperwork for us.  Is this denial by them legal? Any help and advice on this would be great!!! Thanks, Rich C
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